BCE Members Club 2016

The Brechin Castle Equestrian Members Club

The Club Membership will run from the beginning of our season in April until the end of our events in the same year.

Membership cards will be issued with a member's number: The members who gets lucky nos 10 and 25 will receive 1 free entry into Unaffiliated Dressage, Showjumping or Natural Fences competitions plus an Easter Egg!!
BCE Club Membership benefits:

Discounted entries for BCE Club Members into Unaffiliated Show Jumping and Unaffiliated Dressage competitions:
Non members £10.00                BCE Club Members £8.00
There will be the usual £2.00 charge for First Aid per rider per day at Show jumping competitions.

Spring and Autumn Show
Normal Pre entry: £11.00    
Members Club Pre entry: £9.00

Normal entries on the day: £14.00    Members Club entries on the day: £12.00

Facilities Hire: BSJA Showjumps, Natural Fences:

Normal price : £12.00 pp per horse per hour      Members Club: £10.00 pp per horse per hour

XC Hire: Normal price: £25.00pp per horse for 1 1/2 hours

Members Club: £20.00pp per horse for 1 1/2 hours

Use of stables in showfield at above events: 1 horse to a stable please !
Per day : Non Members £10.00 per horse. Members £5.00 per horse.No straw.
Overnight stables: Non members £20 per night. Members £18 per night. Straw is provided. There is a water point in front of the stables.

Day and overnight stables MUST be cleaned and totally emptied at end of stay. Please leave all bedding (including any dry shavings if you brought your own)
1 - 2 m from the stable door outside. The stables MUST be left empty and clean for the next person using them. Due to past problems, there will be a charge if stables are left in a dirty condition.

Hunter Paces and Arena Events are also discounted for BCE Club members

BCE Club Membership fees:

Membership paid before 1st April 2017                                        £15.00pp

Membership paid after 1st April 2017                                         £20.00pp

Under 12 year old: Membership paid before 1st April                £10.00pp

Under 12 year old : Membership paid after 1st April                  £15.00pp

Download a Membership form here